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Screening: THE WEDDING OF VERA DREW and THE PEOPLE'S JOKER at The Tenth [7/24/24]

Screening: THE WEDDING OF VERA DREW and THE PEOPLE'S JOKER at The Tenth [7/24/24]

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*Important Update 7/19/24*: Due to renovations going on at The Tenth, the elevator is currently not working. This screening is on the fourth floor of the building, so if walking up the stairs isn’t a comfortable option, we’d recommend sitting this show out. Everyone who has already purchased a ticket can get a full refund as well. Please contact if you would like a refund (emails will be sent out to all that have purchased a ticket already as well.) Also of note, the fifth floor rooftop will be closed for this event as well.**

Popcorn Reef’s ONE NIGHT ONLY series features new films that embrace the spectacle of movie magic and deserve to get their shine on the big screen. While these films might not actually only play theatrically for “one night only” in San Diego, we feel that we can do our best here at Popcorn Reef, even if it is only for one night, to celebrate them in the most grandiose, cinematic way that we can.

*Due to a theatrical production at The Tenth, this show will be held on the Fourth Floor Theater in the building.*

Hosted at The Tenth Avenue Arts Center Downtown

Doors at 6:30 PM; Show at 7:00 PM

In today's age of streaming and the "more is more" attitude of churning out content, it's nearly impossible for an independently-made film to catch organic traction and feel like a part of pop culture. THE PEOPLE'S JOKER has been the exception to that rule. The journey that Vera Drew's film has been on over the past couple years, from premiering at TIFF, to then facing cease and desist notices, has created a mythical aura around it that has turned it into the most rock-and-roll and taboo thing in film. Seriously - have you felt this type of buzz about an indie movie since we all started watching stuff on our iPhones? It seemed like we were no longer allowed to feel this way about films in 2024, but against all odds, THE PEOPLE'S JOKER has brought scarcity, "how do I see this?" and, in turn, spectacle, back into the zeitgeist in an underground way.

We are thrilled to be a part of the theatrical release process for THE PEOPLE'S JOKER, and...when you come join us for our screening of it, you'll be a part of movie history. There's a ONE NIGHT ONLY celebration going on at select theaters on July 24th, and Popcorn Reef is your San Diego outlet to participate. The official invitation is below. We'll see you at the wedding :)

YOU'RE INVITED TO: The Wedding of Vera Drew and The Joker, followed by a screening of THE PEOPLE'S JOKER!

WHEN: July 24th

WHERE: Popcorn Reef

A LOVE STORY TO BEHOLD: We invite you to join us for this heartwarming and historical one night only event on July 24th. Witness the bond of eternal love and the fair use defense, as indie darling Vera Drew legally ties the knot with The Clown Prince of Crime himself, The Joker. As everyone knows for the past 4 years, Vera Drew and the Joker have been romantically and creatively involved with many describing them as "the dynamic duo of love, laughter, and (parody) law." Now, the two lovebirds are ready to make it official in a house of God, and before the eyes of the world.

STRICT DRESS CODE: dress to impress, that means...clown makeup, any form of cosplay, scantily clad outfits, pajamas, or dysphoria hoodies.


-This show is at The Tenth Avenue Arts Center (930 10th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101)

-Doors will open at 6:30 PM

-If you are visibly intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, we cannot allow you into the venue. Thanks for your understanding.

-There will be no delivery of tickets via shipping or email - we'll simply have your name on the list at the door (plus however many tickets you buy). Please bring your ID for verification purposes to check in. We can check in partial parties too, so if you're buying for multiple people and you're arriving at different times, don't worry about it.

-If you have any questions at all, please contact

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