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Screening: SHE IS CONANN at The Tenth Avenue Arts Center on 6/12/24

Screening: SHE IS CONANN at The Tenth Avenue Arts Center on 6/12/24

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Popcorn Reef’s ONE NIGHT ONLY series features new films that embrace the spectacle of movie magic and deserve to get their shine on the big screen. While these films might not actually only play theatrically for “one night only” in San Diego, we feel that we can do our best here at Popcorn Reef, even if it is only for one night, to celebrate them in the most grandiose, cinematic way that we can.

*Due to a theatrical production at The Tenth, this show will be held on the Fourth Floor Theater in the building*

Co-Presented by The Casual Company at The Tenth Avenue Arts Center Downtown

Come hang out with us before the show, and grab beer to-go and food from Hodad's next door to bring into the theater all night long! (Details below)

Doors at 6:00 PM; Show at 7:00 PM

We are incredibly thrilled to kick off our new ONE NIGHT ONLY series with a film that blew us away recently. We knew maverick filmmaker Bertrand Mandico (AFTER BLUE, THE WILD BOYS) was going to do something crazy when we heard his next feature was going to be a female take on the myth of Conan The Barbarian. What we, and audiences at last year’s Cannes Film Festival, didn’t know, is that the film is packed to the gills with some of the hardest-hitting, brutal, surreal imagery seen in a film in years. This is not a film for the faint of heart - and we mean that both from the perspective of how wonderfully bizarre and experimental it is, and because of how ugly and shocking it can be at times.

Nightmarish, beautifully shot on 35mm, and wildly structured, SHE IS CONANN is everything you wouldn’t expect to see from a film in 2024, which is why it’s so necessary. It’s an absolute triumph from several different standpoints, and we are honored to bring it to San Diego for the first time theatrically. If you’re an adventurous filmgoer, pack your bag. This is the trip you want to take this summer.

*Note - This film is mostly in French, and will be presented with English subtitles. If reading subtitles "isn't your thing," this isn't the ride for you.*


Traveling through the abyss, underworld dog demon Rainer recounts the six lives of Conann, perpetually put to death by her own future, across eras, myths and ages.



-This show is at The Tenth Avenue Arts Center (930 10th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101)

-Doors will open at 6:00 PM, and we encourage you to bring your own food in before the show to eat. Local eateries like Hodad's or Pokez are great options and are located within a block of the venue. You can now grab beer to-go from Hodad's and bring it in to the theater as well.

-Come hang out before the show! From now on, anyone who is doing anything cool and creative-related in San Diego will be welcome to bring their stuff and set up at our tables in a dedicated pre-show room (or on the rooftop terrace, weather permitting) at The Tenth before the show.

Do you have a creative business you're trying to get the word out about? Are you a filmmaker, and you're trying to build some buzz around your new project? Do you have a podcast that you want to start promoting? Please contact us and you're welcome to come showcase your stuff, free of charge. The amount of space we have to do this is the only thing that is limited, so please contact us ASAP if you want to reserve a space. Let's turn these pre-shows into a braintrust gathering for everybody who's as passionate about creativity as we are.

-Soft drinks, along with candy, chips, cookies, and crackers will be available for purchase during the show.

-If you are visibly intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, we cannot allow you into the venue. Thanks for your understanding.

-There will be no delivery of tickets via shipping or email - we'll simply have your name on the list at the door (plus however many tickets you buy). Please bring your ID for verification purposes to check in. We can check in partial parties too, so if you're buying for multiple people and you're arriving at different times, don't worry about it.

-If you have any questions at all, please contact

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