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Popcorn Reef

Screening: BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR with PHANTOM OF THE MALL at The Tenth Avenue Arts Center [2/7/24]

Screening: BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR with PHANTOM OF THE MALL at The Tenth Avenue Arts Center [2/7/24]

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Doors at 6:00 PM (bring food in and eat at The Top of The Tenth Rooftop Lounge, details below)

Be our Valentine and get a free horror comic from Now or Never Comics with your ticket!

Show at 7:00 PM

After we unveiled a giant, immersive new screen on the main stage at The Tenth Avenue Arts Center last month, we realized what the potential of this whole thing could be for the cult films that we’ve been playing downtown. Some of you may have seen these films on video over the years, or maybe even at a rep cinema house. But there’s nowhere else we can think of, at least in SoCal, where you can get as up close and personal with these films, and be fully entrenched in the image, outside of a luck showing on an IMAX screen. And let’s be honest, are you going to get the opportunity to see Pauly Shore getting chased around by some goofball in a broken hockey mask at the Galleria Mall at an IMAX? Will you get to see Dr. Herbert West create his most amazing creation yet? Sadly, probably not.

Valentines season is all about being grand about showing your affection, so naturally, we wanted to display our grand affection toward all of you. That’s why we’ve picked two of our favorite “right on the cusp” films that perfectly encapsulate the turn of the decade from the 80s to the 90s to highlight on the giant screen this month (it’s one of our favorite vibes of all time in film history.) They also just so happen to be love stories, so, you know, bring a date or whatever 😎

On February 7th, it’s Brian Yuzna’s ultra-gory and ultra-fantastical BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR, followed by the SoCal slash classic, PHANTOM OF THE MALL, like you’ve never seen them before. Need we say more?

See you there.


Directed by Brian Yuzna (SOCIETY, RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 3), BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR proves there’s a good deal more “life” left in the story of Dr. Herbert West and his ghoulish exploits. Its been eight years since the Miskatonic massacre. Unperturbed by the disastrous outcome of his previous meddling with the dead, Dr. West (Jeffrey Combs) continues his research into the phenomenon of re-animation; only this time, he plans to create life -- starting with the heart of his young protégé’s dearly deceased. With SFX masters John Carl Buechler and Screaming Mad George on hand to contribute a host of characteristically weird and wonderful creations (including zombified bats and a one-eyed finger spider), BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR is a more-than-worthy successor to Stuart Gordon’s original cult classic.



Yes, it has the confusing byline "ERIC'S REVENGE" in the title, but no, this is not some sort of sequel! High school sweethearts Eric Matthews and Melody Austin are in love. But their romance is cut tragically short when Eric dies in a fire. One year later, Melody is trying to move on with her life and works at the newly built Midwood Mall (aka the legendary Galleria Mall in the San Fernando Valley, of TERMINATOR 2 and CHOPPING MALL fame.) But the mall, which stands on the very site of Eric’s former home, has an uninvited guest: a shadowy, scarred figure who is hellbent on getting revenge against the mall’s crooked developers! Featuring star turns from Pauly Shore, Ken Foree (DAWN OF THE DEAD, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE III), and Morgan Fairchild (DALLAS), PHANTOM OF THE MALL: ERIC’S REVENGE is the finest slasher variant on THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA ever made. If you don’t believe us, wait until the scene where a bloody eyeball shows up in someone’s frozen yogurt.



-This show is at The Tenth Avenue Arts Center (930 10th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101)

-Doors will open at 6:00 PM, and we encourage you to bring your own food in before the show to eat at The Top Of The Tenth - The Tenth Avenue Arts Center's rooftop lounge with a panoramic view of downtown. Local eateries like Hodad's is a great option and is located within a block of the venue.

-Soft drinks, along with candy, chips, cookies, and crackers will be available for purchase during the show.

-We cannot allow you to bring alcohol into the venue, but smoking is allowed at The Top of the Tenth, both before and during the show if you want to step out.

-If you are visibly intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, we cannot allow you into the venue. Thanks for your understanding.

-There will be no delivery of tickets via shipping or email - we'll simply have your name on the list at the door (plus however many tickets you buy). Please bring your ID for verification purposes to check in. We can check in partial parties too, so if you're buying for multiple people and you're arriving at different times, don't worry about it.

-If you have any questions at all, please contact

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