Episode 01: Movies and Sunsets with Guest Manny B from Sew Loka (Released 3/9/24)

For our first official episode, we premiere our "Movies and Sunsets" sub-format, which will focus on speaking with San Diego and Southern California-based business owners, artists, and creators about how they use their creativity and passions to contribute to local culture. Our first guest, Manny B from Sew Loka, applies his film-school background and eye for branding to his slow-fashion business based in Barrio Logan that he runs alongside his wife, artist and designer Claudia Biezunski-Rodriguez. We also discuss movies, of course, and we take some time to talk about our upcoming screening of ROAD HOUSE at The Adams Ave Theater.

Episode 00: Our First Draft (Released 2/26/24)

For our first episode, which we're considering a bit of a "pilot that never made it to air" (even though we're sharing it with you guys), we dive into the films we're showing in the coming weeks: Brian Yuzna's SOCIETY, Jack Hill's SWITCHBLADE SISTERS, and Cirio Santiago's THE MUTHERS; we talk about a dream triple bill (that you could also do yourself at home) featuring JOHNNY COOL, CRY OF A PROSTITUTE, and SHARKY'S MACHINE; and we speak with local blu-ray collector Bryan Riggs about his passion for physical media.

Got Some Questions About What The Popcorn Reef Show Is All About? Read Below:

Initial FAQ:

The Popcorn Reef Show is... a work in progress. Ride with us for the coming months as we exactly figure out the format of this thing. But here's what you can expect for now...

  • A deeper dive breakdown by Eddie of the films we're screening
  • Multiple different "sub-show" formats including (for now)...
    • a physical and home media-heavy news and talk-type show
    • a San Diego-specific show where we talk with local artists and business owners about movies and how they've folded their own creative tendancies into their platforms
    • a longer form sit down with legends from various eras of film history, where we learn about what the movie-making experience was like back then
    • an interactive "at home" version of our live Q&As in San Diego with filmmakers, in case you missed the show
  • More film recommendations than you can handle in every show, guaranteed

Although you will be able to access The Popcorn Reef Show in audio form in the future, we're not considering this show a "podcast" at all. We're building this show to be something that's engaging visually, that you would watch just like the news, or a show on ESPN or something.

We hope you join us for this journey. It's something we're very excited about, and we're looking for feedback every step of the way. Always please send us notes at - we'll read everything!

The Popcorn Reef Show is a collaboration between Popcorn Reef founder Eddie Gurrola and Manny Biezunski of The Movie Manny Podcast and Sew Loka. All episodes are hosted and written by Eddie, and produced, shot, and edited by Manny.