Introducing Popcorn Reef University at The Tenth Ave Arts Center Downtown



For some reason, there’s a terrible misconception out there that learning is boring. Here at Popcorn Reef, we take offense to that notion, and instead we argue… it really depends on what you’re learning :)

Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’re starting a new, experimental sub-series of Popcorn Reef on the infamous (or soon to be infamous) fourth floor of The Tenth Ave Arts Center in lovely downtown San Diego. The new series is called Popcorn Reef University, and it’s all about exploring how far cinema can take you, while discovering where your own personal boundaries may be along the way.

At Popcorn Reef University, we’ll present you with some of the wildest, most adventurous maverick filmmaking we've ever come across. And it's all going to happen in a smaller, intimate setting that will give you plenty of space to reflect and digest exactly what the hell is going on as the show plays on. What might be considered an endurance test for some can serve as an unlocking of imagination for others - and those of you “others” are exactly who we expect to see at Popcorn Reef University.

We hope that you emerge from each show with an expanded perspective on what film can be, and we’re betting that you’ll learn a thing or two about yourself along the way as well.

“Why do these things on the screen make me feel the way I feel?”

If you’ve ever asked yourself that question, let us give you a platform to explore the answers at Popcorn Reef University.

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